February 25, 2024By Madison MaletteWhat We're Thinking About

Lipedema is a condition characterized by the abnormal deposition of adipose tissue, typically in the hips, thighs and legs, but stopping before the feet. It can also appear in the upper arms. Lipedema can be very painful, and often leads to capillary fragility, making patients more prone to easy bruising. This condition is also unique … Read More

Cellulitis- what is it?

November 20, 2023By Madison MaletteWhat We're Thinking About

Cellulitis is something that you have likely heard of if you have or are at risk of lymphedema. Although it is often mentioned briefly to cancer patients, we still see patients missing the hallmark signs of this common yet very serious condition. So, what exactly is cellulitis and how do we spot it? Cellulitis is … Read More

Psychotherapy for Cancer Patients

October 20, 2023By Madison MaletteWhat We're Thinking About

Receiving a cancer diagnosis has more impacts on a person other than just physical changes. The mental burden that such a condition can create is large and not to be overlooked. Psychotherapy is a tool that can help you navigate challenging emotions, build resilience during difficult times, and improve your overall quality of life. Psychotherapy … Read More

Skin Care

August 20, 2023By Madison MaletteWhat We're Thinking About

Your skin is your body’s first line of defence against infection. Taking care of your skin is always a key part of well-being, but it is particularly important when you are facing surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or other cancer related procedures. In preparation for surgery, it is important to ensure the skin in the operation area … Read More

Massage Therapy for Breastfeeding

October 19, 2022By Madison MaletteWhat We're Thinking About

Breast massage is a treatment that can be used for various circumstances, including assisting individuals who are breast feeding. Registered massage therapists are highly trained health care professionals who are well prepared to help lactating individuals with concerns such as breast pain, infant suckling, engorgement, plugged ducts, or mastitis.   A study published in 2016 … Read More

Exercise for Cancer Warriors and Survivors

August 18, 2022By Madison MaletteWhat We're Thinking About

Fitness is an important part of preparation for and recovery from surgery or other medical interventions. Fitness involves various aspects of your health, including mobility, strength, balance, heart and lung capacity, and energy. If you’ve just had surgery, or if you’re going through cancer treatment — particularly chemotherapy — exercise may be the last thing … Read More

Pelvic Floor and Oncology

June 18, 2022By Madison MaletteWhat We're Thinking About

Pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) is a common side effect of cancer and cancer treatments and can impact both men and women. Dysfunction can occur immediately as a result of surgical intervention, or as a side effect of cancer treatments. It is important to understand how the pelvic floor functions before exploring PFD. The pelvic floor … Read More

Breast Cancer and Alcohol Consumption

April 25, 2022By Madison MaletteWhat We're Thinking About

Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis can be a life altering event that leaves many people wondering what may have caused it. Although there is no one specific habit or genetic influence that causes breast cancer, there are some risk factors that increase your likelihood of receiving a breast cancer diagnosis. Risk factors can either be … Read More

Genital Lymphedema

March 15, 2022By Madison MaletteWhat We're Thinking About

When we think of lymphedema we often think of swollen arms, or compression socks. We don’t usually think about less common area’s where lymphedema can occur, like in the face or genitals. Unfortunately, genital lymphedema is far less discussed than all other areas. The “taboo” nature of discussing genitals has led to deficiencies in the … Read More