After a cancer diagnosis, there are many treatment options that may be discussed and presented. Depending on your specific type of cancer and your cancer staging, you will receive a tailored treatment plan from your doctors.

Regardless of the treatments you have or will undergo, they can result in both physical and emotional changes that impact physical health, body image, and overall wellbeing. Breast Rehab can help with the many impacts of cancer treatments by utilizing various therapies.

Breast Rehab therapists can treat many issues that arise from cancer surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy and more. Physiotherapymassage therapy, kinesiology and acupuncture provide both mobility and pain relief.  Incision management prevents scar adhesion, while skin care prevents possible infection. Laser therapy can help mitigate pain, numbness, and tingling caused by chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy.  Fitness—including cardio exercise, strength training, and flexibility—helps to improve range of motion and overall health, and aids in recovery. Psychotherapy can help support your mental health and emotional wellbeing throughout all stages of your cancer journey.

Because we recognize that cancer affects you as a whole person, Breast Rehab offers a range of therapies and works with you to design an individual treatment plan to meet your specific needs.

At Breast Rehab, our therapists have extensive experience working with most issues that arise from cancer and cancer treatments. Together, we’ll get you back to doing what you love!