Bra & Prosthesis Fitting

Finding a good fitting bra or flattering prostheses post breast surgery can pose a major challenge.

The best bra for you

After undergoing breast surgery, you will require a well-fitting bra that can accommodate your new breast shape, size, and feel, as well as skin and scar sensitivity. A poor fitting bra can cause pain, fatigue, and musculoskeletal problems, especially during fitness activities. Many women lack support and guidance to make decisions about the purchase of new garments. Ready-to-wear bras purchased without a proper bra fitting are often inadequate for your needs post breast surgery. An in depth fitting from a certified fitter can help improve your quality of life post breast surgery, including if you have undergone a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

At Breast Rehab our fitting staff are all licensed health care professionals and possess a strong knowledge of anatomy, disease processes, post-operative needs for different surgical procedures, and scar management requirements.  In addition to being regulated health care professionals we are also American Breast Care Certified Fitters and ready to offer the following:
· pre-operative measurements to ensure the best post-operative fit
· post-operative compression vests –which includes drain pouches
· fittings for those at any stage in their breast cancer journey
· mastectomy bras in a range of sizes and styles
· prosthesis fitting

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