Empowering you through personalized, evidence-based care, fostering resilience and restoring quality of life.

Patient-Centred Care for Oncology and Breast Surgery

Welcome to Breast Rehab, where we're more than just a healthcare provider— our dedicated team operates on the belief that every individual deserves personalized care and unwavering support on their journey to recovery.

At Breast Rehab, we're committed to empowering you to reclaim your quality of life after breast surgeries and oncology treatments. With compassion as our guiding principle, we listen closely to your needs and aspirations, ensuring that every step of your rehabilitation journey is met with understanding and care.

Our commitment to excellence drives us to continuously strive for the highest standards of service and outcomes. With a collaborative approach rooted in teamwork, our talented experts in physiotherapy, pelvic floor physiotherapy, kinesiology, massage therapy, lymphedema care, and nutrition work seamlessly together to provide you with comprehensive and integrated care.

Together, we'll work towards your goals, utilizing hands-on treatment and personalized education to empower you to overcome challenges and embrace life with renewed vitality. Don't wait to take the first step towards a brighter tomorrow. Book an appointment with our team today, and let's embark on this journey of healing and empowerment together.

Our therapies can help you prepare for and recover from the effects of your treatments including lumpectomy, single or bilateral mastectomy, preventative mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, and breast reconstruction.

Whether you are undergoing mammoplasty for breast augmentation or reduction—for medical or cosmetic reasons—we can provide therapies to help you with scarring, wound care, and mobility.

The journey through gender affirmation surgeries is unique for every person. Whether undergoing top surgery, bottom surgery or other facial plastic surgery, we can help you prepare for and recover from your surgery.

No matter your oncology diagnosis, our therapists are trained and experienced in providing expert care. We help support you through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and other cancer treatments.

Whether you are experiencing incontinence, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, and pelvic discomfort, our skilled pelvic health therapists specialize in diagnosing and treating these issues.

Whether you are experiencing symptoms of lymphedema or are interested in learning about risk-reduction practices, our therapists are all uniquely trained and certified to support you.

Regardless of your diagnosis or concern, our skilled massage therapists offer personalized, holistic treatments to address pain, stress, and promote healing.

Nutrition plays a crucial role in your overall health and well-being. Our dedicated dietitian provides personalized assessments and guidance to help you optimize your diet and achieve your wellness goals.

Whether you're navigating latch issues or clogged ducts, our team is dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge and resources needed for a successful breastfeeding experience.