Get Back to Doing What You Love

Breast Rehab is here to support you during and after all types of breast treatments

Patient-Centered Care for Oncology and Breast Surgery

Breast Rehab offers a wide range of integrated services to help you regain the best quality of life after many types of oncology and breast surgeries. We work with you to meet your needs and goals through personalized assessments and treatment plans. Our focus is on education, hands-on and active treatment, enabling you to regain previous levels of function or to adjust to new limitations.

Our talented team has expertise in physiotherapy, pelvic floor physiotherapy, kinesiology, massage therapy, lymphedema care and psychotherapy.

Rid yourself of pain and swelling, improve your scars and your mobility, and get treatment from our Breast Rehab experts to get back to doing what you love.

Our therapies can help you prepare for and recover from the effects of your treatments including lumpectomy, single or bilateral mastectomy, preventative mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, and breast reconstruction.

Whether you are undergoing mammoplasty for breast augmentation or reduction—for medical or cosmetic reasons—we can provide therapies to help you with scarring, wound care, and mobility.

The journey through gender affirmation surgeries is unique for every person. Whether undergoing mastectomies, breast augmentation, or other procedures, we can help you prepare for and recover from your top surgery.

No matter your oncology diagnosis, our therapists are trained and experienced in providing expert care. We help support you through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and other cancer treatments.

Pelvic floor dysfunction can include loss of continence, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, pelvic pain or discomfort and other concerns. These symptoms can be challenging to navigate but our specialized pelvic floor physiotherapists are trained to diagnose, assess, and treat these conditions.

Whether you are experiencing symptoms of lymphedema or are interested in learning about risk-reduction practices, our therapists are all uniquely trained and certified to support you.